Heckstall-Smith Property Search & Acquisition & Management
We have created a bespoke fee scale to suit individual requirements but fundamentally we require a fee, in advance, to begin the process. Once a property sale has been agreed, we will charge a percentage of the purchase price which is payable upon completion. The same principle will apply in the search for a property to rent but the percentage will be calculated on the rental period that is required. If we are retained to remain involved, once a sale or rental is concluded, an hourly rate will be charged for services rendered and services provided. This will cover office-based work and site visits with expenses being agreed as a separate charge, covering such items as mileage, travel, accommodation, entertainment and presentations etc.
With regard to property management, we work on a retained basis and the scale of fee is based on the requirements of each client and their property. We recommend visiting the property in question in order to understand what is required so our fees can be calculated appropriate to the needs of the management involved.
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