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          Talent center

          Cherish resources, turn waste into treasure, contribute to society, innovate management, improve efficiency and never forget environmental protection


          Talents are the most important resources of enterprises. High-quality talents are the source of power for enterprises to create value, sustain development and prosperity.

          Zhejiang Judong Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents within the company. The training work within the company is a necessary means to improve the staff's post skills, identify with the company's corporate culture, and cultivate high-quality employees who meet the requirements of the company. Through training, talents can be found and trained within the company, and talents can be used optimally. The success of the company is combined with personal growth, which really enables the "interaction" between the enterprise and employees.

          For high-level talents to actively introduce, the use of intellectual capital is the key to the success of enterprises. Increasing investment in intellectual capital of high-level professionals is also an essential investment to maintain continuous innovation in management, technology, marketing and other important links of enterprises.

          Inside the company, we should adhere to the people-oriented management concept, establish a management system, incentive mechanism and distribution system that attaches importance to outstanding talents, create a suitable working environment for them to display their talents, and give them a stage to display their talents. Create conditions to discover, train, attract and retain talents. Let truly talented people become the main force of the company's development.

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