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          About us

          Cherish resources, turn waste into treasure, contribute to society, innovate management, improve efficiency and never forget environmental protection

          Group Introduction
          • Group Introduction

          Zhejiang Judong Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, has registered capital of 210 million yuan, covers an area of 918 mu, total investment of nearly 2 billion yuan, has seven holding subsidiaries, is a leading enterprise specializing in comprehensive utilization of renewable resources. In 2015, the company listed on the new third board (stock code: 834815). In 2017, Judong Company was rated as a model collective of Taizhou City by Taizhou Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, as an AAA trustworthy enterprise by Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Bureau, and as a training object of "aircraft carrier enterprise" and "2211 project" by Municipal Committee and Municipal Government. In 2018, the company realized business income of 4.08 billion yuan, handed over national and local taxes of nearly 660 million yuan (of which the customs levied 550 million yuan) and successfully held Zhejiang Hualong Jushui Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

          Business philosophy of the company

          The company adheres to the management policy of "cherishing resources, turning waste into treasure, contributing to society, innovating management, improving efficiency and not forgetting environmental protection", and in line with the value concept of "promoting transformation and upgrading, developing circular economy", devotes itself to the comprehensive utilization of waste resources, improving the added value of recycled products, and realizing the circular economy development of recycled resources. And the national ecological civilization construction, contribute their own strength.

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