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          About us

          Cherish resources, turn waste into treasure, contribute to society, innovate management, improve efficiency and never forget environmental protection


          董事長 應友生

          經濟循環  生態文明

          circular economic and ecological civilization

                Through ten years of entrepreneurship development, Judong has been privileged to receive the constant concern and expectation of government leaders at all levels, customers and people from all walks of life during all the major turning points. It is this kind of concern and expectation that will become the spiritual strength of the Great East people to strive for self-improvement and to the end.

          Ten years of entrepreneurship, ten years of search, ten years of wind and rain, ten years of harvest.

          Experienced from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong development, Judong has changed from my personal career into a social cause, the industry's target. During this period, with the help of people from all walks of life, Judong made full use of the preferential policies of the government to support the development of private enterprises, and the company's various undertakings were flourishing day by day. Judong people devoted themselves to creating and realizing dynamic enterprise management mode with great enthusiasm, devoting themselves to the development and innovation of circular economy industrial chain and extending production. Industry chain, improve the added value of recycled products. In addition, it is worth mentioning that in the exchanges with people from all walks of life, Judong learned and learned a lot of successful business management experience, and became a knowledge wealth for Judong to continue to grow bigger and stronger.

          Follow the trend of the world, gather the world's people, gather the world's wisdom, and make the world a success!

          On the way to the development and expansion of Judong, I have the honor of mutual respect and encouragement with a large number of like-minded colleagues, interpreting hard work into creative work, and accumulating ordinary machines into magnificent achievements. The efforts of colleagues have contributed to the corporate culture of Judong and become the backbone of its development. They are also the new hope for greater development of Judong under the new normal economic conditions.

          Ten years of sharpening a sword, the right time to swing.

          Looking forward to the future, my colleagues and I will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "cherishing resources, turning waste into treasure, contributing to society, innovating management, improving efficiency and not forgetting environmental protection" and "promoting transformation and upgrading, developing circular economy, strictly controlling three wastes, protecting the ecological environment and scientifically managing". The management policy of environmental protection standardization and data accurateness will reward employees, grateful families and society with the continuous growth of Judong, realize self-value and create more social value.

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